Friday, November 6, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Success after a rugged hand cark trek in Nauvoo The Frey family on the trek

The crowning glory. Nauvoo temple after having Kelly sealed to us. What a great day.

Hand cart trek

The family at the Abe Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL

President & Sisters Connie, Glenna and MOM Our good friends the Gustafsons came out to Nauvoo.
Some of Presidents family, L-R Travis, Paul, Connie, Wade, Glenna, MOM, Sister and President E and Konner. It was a great time with them with the highlight of the week being having Presidents brother Kelly sealed to the family in the Nauvoo temple.


President greeting his greatest inspiration after 2 years. Love ya mom more than you will ever know.

Visitors this summer: Dallas, Natalie, Blaine and Kris Carlson in Nauvoo
At the Haas farm in Nauvoo

Elder Charles, Schlurf and President.

President and Sister Erickson with Joseph Smith.......In the pagent

Our returned missionary in Nauvoo

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Covered wagons on the Nauvoo Exodus.

What our entry way looks like on the day of Leadership Meeting

Spanish Elder singing our opening Hymn.

Winter in Nauvoo. This was taken on Feb 4, 2009. 163 years to the day when the Saints were forced to leave their homes.
Elder and Sister Burgy and us on the day of the re-enactment of the Exodus from Nauvoo. A balmy 1 degree this day.

President and Sister Erickson sitting on the large ice chunks

The Nauvoo zone was able to join on the walk. It was zone conference day in Nauvoo. What a tender mercy to feel but a small part of what those faithful Saints felt as they left. Difference? We went back to the warm chapel after this and they(early Saints) crossed the river on the way to the west. Many hardships and trials awaited them. How blessed we are to have such valiant friends who gave so much for us to experience what we do today in the church.

Sister Erickson, President Erickson, Sister Baker(CO) Sister Olson(SLC) on the Trial of Hope

Monday, January 19, 2009

Findlay Erickson is home. 8 lb 3 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Check out the golf shoes on him.
Tennison and little brother Findlay.

Big brother holding little brother while watching T.V. Tennison is the most loving, kind, patient little boy.

Beautiful little boy

Cute family.