Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kohen on his 6 month b/d with President and Sister Erickson and their assistants, Elders Anderson and Johnson
Boy, I am glad all my kids are grown up. There are some real downsides to solid foods.
Out on the Mississippi river with Nikki and Kohen
Now they can say they have been in the Mississippi river. Kohen and Nikki. Joseph and Hyrum last ride statue in the background.

Grandpa and Kohen in Nauvoo

Nikki and Kohen surprised us this week for Trisha's upcoming birthday. We were abe to take Nikki and Kohen with us to speaking assignments and meetings. They got to experience the Mississippi river, Nauvoo temple and Leadership meeting. At Leadership meeting this week we had a new missionary. He is one of our new Assistants. Kohen got along with the Elders just fine. The Elders are working with him on his sleep disorder and his strange eating habits. He will be just fine. Today is his 6 month birthday so we all celebrated after the meeting. Grandpa also got the questionable experience of changing dirty diapers.