Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Singing to the Relief Society who provided lunch at the Nauvoo Zone Conference. We are fed well by these good members.
July 4th corn. Just a tad higher than my knee.
AP's filming our new video we take to the wards regarding 1120. It is our Field of Dreams. Build it they will come. If the members build sincere friendships with their neighbors and the missionaries build trusting relationships with the members they (Friends of other faiths) will come to church. New goal is 1,120 during the four weeks in September. Momentum is building. Sister Erickson and I in a members Gator that takes us through the trees, bushes, river to get to the pond on the members 47 acres in the back woods in Galena, IL. This takes us to the natural pond that will be the place of a baptism this Sunday, July 27th. What a way to travel. It would be a great golf cart.

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