Monday, October 13, 2008

Bill Lewis is a new convert that we have been working with for a year.
Looking at Adam-ondi-Ahman in the background Richmond, MO

My friends on General Conference morning while we were eating breakfast on the patio
I have got a new convert so to speak in Sister Shepherd who prepares lunches for us at the Champaign zone conferences. I got tired of the BYU apron she is always wearing.


KRISTA said...

We are taking the folks to their first Utah game on Saturday. We figured if they were living in your house they should follow your example. It should be pretty entertaining with Ty chanting U T A H utah utah utah Go Utes!, the whole time. We will have to get them a couple of red sweatshirts though, it is freezing here.

**Cunningham's** said...

What a good looking apron! Wonder who found that?