Tuesday, November 25, 2008

President and Sister Erickson in the mission office. President Erickson in the Seventy's Hall in Nauvoo

Elder and Sister Dunn of the Seventy with us in Nauvoo.

This was a very satisfying leadership meeting. Each District was given a handful of tootsie rolls and then they needed to run through a course to the other side and hand off the tootsie rolls they had in their hand to one of their District members. They needed to get through a gauntlet of AP's and the President bashing them with pillows. Morale of the story, they needed to get the information from this meeting to everyone in their District. It felt good to be the deliverer.

My old softball games gave me alot of experiece of swinging hard and level. Tootsie rolls were flying everywhere.

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KRISTA said...

Leave it to you to make hitting someone with a pillow a learning experience. Sounds like a blast.