Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 13th 2009 was our 31st wedding anniversary. What a great companion. I love her so much and thank my Heavenly Father every day for her influence in my life. Our Anniversary present this year was the birth of our 3rd grandchild. Trents wife Chantel brought Findlay Gil Erickson into the world on our anniversary. 8lb 3 oz and 20 and 1/2 inches long. Mom and son are doing great. Granpa and Grandma are not. We wish we could be there to hug and kiss him but.......we are loving our mission. No pictures yet.


Raquel said...

Congratulations on the anniversary and the new baby! I can't wait to see pictures!

Freybabies said...

Congrats on new baby!!! So fun, we need pics.
Take care,
Love ya,
Bell, Haaaa!

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary! You can't ask for a better present than that!