Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mormon Helping Hands-June 18-20, 2008

Nauvoo gathering before exodus to Quincy
A sea of sandbags. Some 1 million over the few days we were there. Our Sr. Couples were a great help. A little shade helped them out alot.

Sister Erickson, Sister Witt and President Erickson Illinois, Peoria missionaries engaged in the Quincy cause.

90 of the Lord's finest( Peoria mission) were deployed to the town of Quincy, Illinois to feel sandbags and to work along side of those who were affected by the flood waters. The church sent relief supplies (shovels, gloves, bottled water) to assist in the effort. The army of Helaman was outfitted with yellow "Mormon helping hands" t-shirts. It was a humbling experience to see the 150 missionaries from the Illinois Peoria, Missouri St. Louis & Illinois Nauvoo missions clad in yellow shirts turning a hand of service for the good people of Quincy who assisted the early saints some 170 years earlier. There were many opportunities to have quality gospel interchanges with those we served along side with. What a blessing it is to serve the Lord in any and all capacities he calls us to do.

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Heather D. White said...

SO AWESOME! Seeing all of your pictures makes me really miss living in the mission field. What an incredible experience it is to constantly be surrounded by missionaries. Fell upon your blog today and look forward to keeping up with you while you are on your mission! ;-) Lots of love from our fam!!!