Sunday, June 22, 2008

Historic Nauvoo

Nauvoo temple
Pres. & Sister Erickson Joseph and Emma's home

Joseph and Hyrum buried under this structure until they found their final resting place 20 feet to the right. Gunsmith shop. Where Browning got started.

With the Mississippi river rising everyday many are rushing to the aid of the Historic city of Joseph. Within the city of Nauvoo the spirit continues to touch hearts and build testimonies of the restoration of the gospel and the heroic efforts the early saints put forth to allow all of us the comforts we enjoy today.

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Sara and Family said...

I hopped a few blogs, and found yours :)
It looks like you are truly enjoying your service, and being near all those church hisotrical sites must be an extra bonus.
I am now the proud mom to 3 beautiful boys and am loving the life that I have been given.
Just wanted to say hello, and good luck with the rest of your mission.
Sara (Corbit) Chinn