Monday, June 2, 2008

Leadership mtg in the Grove

Elder Blake & Wardell working on UnityZone & District Leaders in the backyard prior to our sacred grove leadership meeting
Singing Joseph Smiths first Prayer in the grove.
The knots were to tight for some.


Trav & Nik said...

levis and ties? what a combonation!

Miss Lindsey said...

Pres. and Sister Erickson,

You look great! :) I just came across your blog and was so excited to see that things were going well in Peoria. Thank you for your examples. We miss you!

Love, Lindsey

Whitney said...

You are all such awesome mission president's. That activity looked awesome. Those are the one's that stick with you for a life time. We love and miss you very much. Keep up the good work.


Heather D. White said...

These pictures made my heart skip a beat. What a wonderful experience I am SURE this was. Plus, the way your missionaries are dressed totally reminded me of our mission. My Dad always required the Elders to be "dressed up from the table up" on Thanksgiving when they ate with us. So they all arrived in jeans with a white shirt and they are in these pictures. Love it!!